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Since the Speedway opened in 1909 through the 1980's*, armbands have been issued by the Speedway (1909-1980's*) or by the sanctioning bodies the American Automobile Association (AAA) (1909-1955) and the United States Auto Club (USAC) (1956-1972). There are various desigantions that appear on IMS, AAA & USAC armbands such as: Observer, Technical Committee, Starter, Judge, Scorer, Accident Investigator and so on. IMS medical armbands may have: Surgeon, Assistant Surgeon, Hospital and so on.

IMS, AAA and USAC armbands from 1909 through 1960 are generally made of felt (some early armbands were made of a silk or satin type material which is very fragile) and used either tie strings or elastic bands to secure around ones arm. IMS Medical armbands were still made of felt or a similar material up into the 1980's. From 1961 through 1972, USAC armbands are made of a heavier polyester type material with an elastic band to secure around ones arm.


Indianapolis Motor Speedway - 1909-47

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Medical - 1909-80's

American Automobile Association (AAA) 1909-1955

United States Auto Club (USAC) 1956-72

Indianapolis Motor Speedway
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