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United States Auto Club (USAC) armbands from 1956-60 are made of felt and used tie strings to secure them to ones arm. Armbands from 1961-72 are made of a heavy polyester type material with an elastic band to secure them to ones arm. The white 1956, 1957 & 1958 armbands below are more than likely from another track with the '56 made of felt while the '57 & '58 are made from an oil cloth type material similar to the 1934-37 IMS time trial armbands. To distinguish the Speedway from other tracks USAC sanctioned, sewn on the armband were: the "500" in 1956, "Indpls. 500" from 1961-1964 and "Indianapolis 500" from 1965-1972. The "500" was left off of USAC armbands from 1957-1960 for reasons unknown. USAC dropped armbands after the 1972 season in favor of a name tag sized credential.





Note that the armband at left is "unused" as it has not been cut to make the armband.




Note the armband at right is for "Accident Investigation Comm."

Note the red 1963 armband above is a non-Indianapolis armband that has been altered to be Indianapolis.




Note the 1970 above which appears to be a modified 1969 armband.



Because of the fragile nature of felt armbands, 1956-60 era USAC armbands may have suffered damage making them tougher to find. Due to the heavier material used on 1961-72 armbands, they tend to hold up better than those made of felt and are therefor easier to find, but are by no means a real easy find.


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IMS - 1909-1947

IMS Medical - 1909-1980's

American Automobile Association (AAA) 1909-1955

Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Winning Car Photographer 1981-1994