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1950 - 1959


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The picture below, taken from a 1948 program, was used as the template for the 1950 badge and depicts three time winner Mauri Rose looking around the windshield of his winning Blue Crown Spl..

It measures 1 2/3" x 1 1/6". 1950 is by far the most reproduced badge (please refer to the article on reproduction badges for the complete story.)

The 1951 badge measures 2 1/2" x 1" and depicts the famous Borg-Warner Trophy which has been presented to the winner in Victory Lane since 1936.

1952 is a Firestone tire. Firestone had won 28 consecutive Indy 500's by 1952 and had been in racing for many years. It measures 1 1/3" x 1 1/4". The "52" of 1952 at lower right on the badge has been know to be mistaken as "32".

The 1953 badge is a depiction of a helmet similar to that of a Cromwell which was a popular brand of helmet at the time. The 1999 badge is a fairly good copy of the 1953. The days of the large badges was over as the 1953 badge is 1" x almost 2". To reflect the size change, the clasp and pin on the back of the badge is smaller as well.

1999 badge

Note that the proof or salesman sample above has no number.

1954 is the first "roadster" to win at Indy, the Fuel Injection Spl. driven by Bill Vukovich to victory in 1953 and again in 1954. The '54 badge comes in at 1 1/2" x 3/4".

1955 is a steering wheel similar to that on cars of the era. The 1955 measures 1" x 1 1/3"

1956 is the old wooden main gate which was located at 16th St. and Georgetown Rd.. *It was torn down when the Pagoda was after the 1956 race or in early 1957. The badge measures 1 1/3" x 3/4".

For 1957 the "new" "Wing and Wheel" design similar to the 1948 badge is used except flags have been added to the design and it doesn't have the detail of the '48. It measures 1 3/4" x 1 1/4". Due to the larger size, the clasp and pin are larger and sturdier as well.

1958 badge depicts the Soldiers and Sailors Monument (located on the circle in downtown Indianapolis) in front of an aerial view of the Speedway backed by a checkered state of Indiana. The 1958 badge is the smallest of the 50's coming in at 2/3" x a little under 1". The clasp and pin revert back to the smaller size like that of 1953.

Note the color of the 1958 back up card at right is a pale blue which may indicate the one at left may have faded over time, but it is uncertain if this is the case.

1959 is the laydown roadster driven to victory by Sam Hanks in 1957 and Jimmy Bryan in 1958. Measurements are 2/3" x 1 1/3"

The 1950 through 1955 badges are the toughest of the 50's to come by with the 1950 and '51 silvers the toughest. BUC's are still tough to find but become easier further up in the 50's.


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