- Indianapolis Motor Speedway Credentials -

Celluloid, Cardboard, Pin Back, Pin Back Buttons, Buttons & Miscellaneous



Since the Speedways opening in 1909, credentials have been issued to seperate fan from driver, worker from mechanic and so on. Pit Badge credentials have already been covered so this section will concentrate on other types of credentials from 1909 to present. Arm bands could also be considered a credential, but they will be covered on another page.

Credentials can be broken down into several catagories: Race Day Official, Secondary Race Day (Usher, Inspector, etc.) Season Track Pass, Temporary Track Pass and Miscellaneous. Examples are shown below.

Construction of credentials consists of several different types as well: Celluloid, Pin Back Button, Button, Pin Back, Cardboard/Pasteboard and Thin Cardboard and Medium to Heavy Paper Ribbon. Examples are shown below.

As many pre-1932 credentials are rare and very hard to find, especially those from before World War One, not all varieties and types are accounted for at this time. Where possible, a representation will be given from each year.






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