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Carl Hungness * 1973-1997 -- Indy Review * 1991-2001


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Carl Hungness began publishing an Indy 500 yearbook in the same tradition as Floyd Clymer in 1973 with both hard and soft bound editions available. In 1980, Carl filled the gap between the Clymer yearbooks and his own by publishing all four missing years in a 1969-1972 yearbook in hard bound only. It is the only Hungness yearbook to have a dust jacket.

The cover of the 1973 soft bound features winner Gordon Johncock at speed during the '73 race. There are two different back covers to the '73 soft bound and there are two, possibly three, front cover versions of the 1973 hard bound. (If you have a different cover to the 1973 hard bound yearbook, email a picture to us and we'll post it. (NI500CC@NI500CC.COM))

The covers to 1974, 75, 76 & 77 combine pictures and/or paintings of the winner are used on both soft and hard bound editions.

From 1978 through 1997, they are all paintings of the winner.

1978 through 1983 Yearbooks

1984 through 1989 Yearbooks

1990 through 1995 & 1997 Yearbooks

In 1996 Hungness combined the IRL Indy 500 & CART U.S. 500 yearbooks in a hard bound version while the soft bounds are separate books. The hardbound covers are shown. The separate softbound covers are indentical.

There are at least three soft bound special editions known of Hungess yearbooks published for various sponsors or teams. Those known are: 1976 Champion Spark Plugs, 1977 The Norton Co. and 1986 Helmegarn Racing/Living Well. Only the covers are different from regular versions. If you know of any others, email us and we'll post it. (NI500CC@NI500CC.COM)


There is a soft bound yearbook published by Motor Publications Inc. which covers 1971 titled "1971 Racing Scene Indianapolis 500". There is also a yearbook/magazine published by Champion Sports Publishing Corp. titled "Indianapolis 500, 1972 America's Most Popular Sporting Event" which reviewed the 1971 race, forecast the 1972 race and had articles and pics about the history of the 500.

IMS Historian Donald Davidson - produced a yearbook for 1974 and 1975 in soft bound with the '75 the tougher of the two although Donald will tell you they made equal numbers of both. Both are very good sources of information about that years race and especially of races past.


In 1991, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway began publishing it's own yearbook titled "Indy Review". They are all hard bound with dust jackets and are similar in form and content to the Clymer and Hungness yearbooks. They do however emphasize more the current year and are not much on historical information as was the case with the former yearbooks. With the 1996 Indy Review, the Speedway began covering the IRL season along with the Indy 500. Since Carl Hungness ceased publication of his yearbook in 1997, the Indy Review is the only yearbook about the Indy 500 currently available.

1991 through 1996 Yearbooks

1997 through 2001 Yearbooks

2001 is the last Indy Review Yearbook issued by the Speedway. 2002 marks the first year that a yearbook has not been produced since Clymer stopped publication after 1968 and Hungness resumed yearbook publication in 1973. There are plans for a 2003 yearbook.


For Hungness Yearbooks, the 1969-72 used to be hard to find, but they have since been reprinted and are much easier to come by. The 1973 hard bound is the toughest of all the Hungness yearbooks to get with the '73 soft bound next on the list. Soft bound editions are generally easier to find than hard bound, but all the years from 1974-97 can be found with some patience.

The Speedway still has copies left of Indy Review Yearbooks from various years and those they don't have can be found with patience in mind. Due to the IRL series sponsor "Pep Boys" leaving the series at the end of 1999, the 1998 and 1999 yearbooks with their logo on the dust jackets have supposedly been sold by the Speedway with out the dust jackets.


Clymer Yearbooks

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