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In 1993, the driver, logo etc. now appear vertically and will remain so through the present day except for 1994. (We need 1995 and 1997 through the present general admission tickets. Please send a scan if you have one so it can be posted here on the site.)

Note that a legal statement now appears on the back of "Complimentary Employee", "Press", "Participant" etc. beginning in 1994.

1995 through the present

The 1995 ticket marks the first change in size since 1954. The 1995 ticket is now **6 5/8" x 2 1/2". The 1996 ticket again changes in size and is **7 1/4" x 3". Beginning in 2001, the event logo is now embossed on the ticket to prevent counterfeiting. In 1995, a drawing of the winner replaces a picture and remains so through 2000 where upon a picture returns in 2001.

Beginning in 2001, the event logo on tickets is in relief.

In 2004 the ticket size changes yet again. It is about 1/4 taller than a 2003 ticket. This marks the first year for a bar code on the ticket.

The phrase "90th Running" has been cut out of the 2006 ticket (upper right) in an attempt to thwart counterfeiters.

The logo for 2007 is embossed at upper left on the 2007 ticket.

Although the top and lower middle portions of the Worker ticket above appear yellow, they are in fact a reflective silver.

The logo for 2008 is embossed at bottom left on the 2008 ticket.

In celebration of the Speedway's 100th Anniversary, the 2009 ticket has several features reminiscent of tickets from years past, most notably the fonts used for the Admission to Grounds, Gateman's stub and Rain Check, the IMS logo above and behind Scott Dixon's car and the words "International Sweepstakes" at the top which returns for the first time since 1980. The ticket also reverts back to horizontal with car and driver widthwise across the ticket which is the first time since 1991.

The 2010 ticket features Helio Castroneves in Victory Lane after winning his third '500'. The dimensions are the same as the 2009 ticket above.

The 2011 100th Anniversary ticket features Dario Franchitti with the Borg-Warner trophy after winning his second Indianapolis 500. Unless noted, the dimensions are the same as the previous year ticket.

The 2012 ticket depicts the late Dan Wheldon celebrating in victory lane after winning his second "500". This years ticket goes back to a vertical format like 1995 through 2008.

For 2013, Dario Franchitti is featured celebrating in victory lane after winning his third "500".
In years past, some fans were able to get in to the track with out getting their ticket torn, but the hightened security due to Boston Marathon bombing caused long lines with ticket takers tearing a majority of grandstand tickets. This may mean unused 2013 tickets could be more difficult to find in the future.

The 2014 ticket depicts Tony Kannan hugging the Borg-Warner trophy the day after winning his first "500".
To ease entery into the Speedway after many fans complained of the long security lines to get into the track in 2013, the Speedway began the practice of marking tickets on the front or back with a pen mark instead of tearing them. This does not mean all 2014 tickets were untorn, but rather a more substantial portion were probably untorn than in previous years.

The 2015 ticket depicts Ryan Hunter-Reay drinking the winners milk in victory lane. The 2015 event logo is embossed on the Grandstand Ticket while on the General Admission ticket it is not.


Stubs from 1993 through the present become easier to obtain as the you go up through the years. If one had to chose which one or ones are tougher to find than another, the 1997 (it rained for three days) with rain check or unused and in Very Good Condition or better will probably be tougher to find in the future.


1909-1916 1919-1929 1930-1941 1946-1955 1956-1975 1976-1992


* This information is to the best of our knowledge. If anyone has more information, please contact: NI500CC@NI500CC.COM

**All measurements are taken from the stub or used ticket.